How to calibrate iPhone battery is simple not everyone knows

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How to calibrate iPhone battery is simple not everyone knows

Calibrating the iPhone battery is essential to protect the longevity of the device, avoiding the status of the device running out of battery fast, and having to charge continuously. Try the tips below, your iPhone will definitely improve battery usage significantly.

Is iPhone battery calibrated?

Calibrating iPhone battery is important for iPhone maintenance, but not everyone knows or even thought of it. Over time, the battery will be consumed, displaying a non-standard% as the original, the total usage time will also decrease.

Is iPhone battery calibrated?
Calibrating the iPhone battery helps to increase the life of the device, should be done 1-2 times / month

The reason the battery is drained can be due to software updates, features, downloading applications, ... and they all consume battery daily. So need to "take care" of the battery at least once a month to protect the iPhone as well as help the need to use your phone more stable.

Calibrate iPhone battery with the simplest operations

Not as fussy as you like, right from the simplest things will also help you calibrate iPhone battery effectively.

1. Turn off location on iPhone

How to : Settings> Privacy> Location Services> Off

Turn off location on iPhone

2. Turn off background app refresh

How To: General> Refresh Application in Background> Off

Turn off background app refresh

3. Reduce screen brightness

How-To: General> Display and Brightness> Customize left

Reduce screen brightness

4. Turn off automatic updates

How To: General Settings> iTunes & App Store> Disable Updates

Turn off automatic updates

How to calibrate iPhone battery effectively

No need to download new apps or the assistance of other widgets, just charge + cable and time. Track and follow the iPhone battery calibration steps below.

Step 1: Drain the battery: Use iPhone until the battery is completely discharged, automatically power down.

Step 2: Wait 3 hours: This is a form of "squeezed out" of the battery, only when you press the start button but the iPhone does not show any signs, it is the standard.

Step 3: Charge the battery: Start charging the battery fully.

Note: Are you sure you are charging your phone properly ? When charging your phone, pay attention to:

  • Use a power outlet, not a computer USB port
  • Use genuine charger + cable, otherwise it must be quality Lingning charger
  • Continue charging for 2-3 hours after the battery is full

Step 4: Repeat step 1,2,3 again for the best iPhone battery calibration process .

Once your iPhone battery is calibrated , you can reopen features, refresh apps in the background, auto-update and screen brightness. Remember to do this and do them regularly to protect your iPhone battery!