Tips for buying an old phone 2020 anyone should know

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Tips for buying an old phone 2020 anyone should know

Buying a new phone can sometimes be a problem, let alone buying an old phone, it will be difficult.

Tips for buying old phones

Tip to check old phone, first iPhone

The old iPhone / iPad market in Vietnam has never been HOT. Buying a good old iPhone is difficult,  testing  hidden iCloud on an Apple device is even more difficult because Apple has "unilaterally" removed this testing tool without saying the reason. The trick to buying an old phone , especially an iPhone, will help you in many cases.

Apple has silently removed the iCloud Activation Lock website without informing the reason why.

Tips to check old phone

The removal of the iCloud check site is definitely going to be a little more difficult for iPhone fans. Currently Apple has not given specific reasons for this action.

1. Check iPhone when buying old

When Apples tools can no longer be used, iPhone / iPad users ... in Vietnam lose a tip to buy an old phone  , but you can still check iCloud with the following tip:

First, users need to use a VPN to be able to conduct the iCloud lock status check process The easiest way to use a VPN is to download and install the Chrome browser or Coc Coc Ultrasurf extension.

Check out hidden iCloud

You can download Ultrasurf to fake IP before conducting iCloud check

Check for hidden iCloud (1)

Then this websites interface will navigate you to choose a country other than Vietnam, and you proceed to choose the US. Then you select the device you are using that you want to check the hidden iCloud. The next step will be to select the item “Broken screen”. You type imei on your device into the display box as shown

Sign in with your Apple ID account

If the screen navigates to the login interface means your device does not have hidden iCloud -> Safe and restore can be performed.

How to test icloud

But if you are unlucky, the websites interface shows the words "Sorry, but we cant create a repair while Find My iPhone is activated ..." ie the device is locked iCloud "then your device is stick iCloud hidden

2. Tips to buy old phones, Android phones

tips on buying old phones

In the framework of this old phone buying tip , we will mention the basic criteria, but the CPU is the most important thing, so it will be mentioned first. The processor of a smartphone is vitally responsible for running everything you ask the phone to do. Therefore, when choosing to buy a mid-range smartphone, the first thing you need to pay attention to is its processor.

The first thing you need to notice is the processor of the machine.

The processor is the first thing you need to look out for when choosing a mid-range smartphone

A smartphone with the A53 octa-core processor will be the option you should consider. If you are a gamer, you can rest assured when choosing mid-range smartphones with processors with A57, A72, A73 or Qualcomm Kryo cores. Of course, at this time when the Note 9 , Oppo Find X ... were released, many more high-end processors appeared. Many  tips to buy old phones in some cases are not necessarily accurate.

Also, do not choose smartphones equipped with high-end processors that were released 3 or 4 years ago because they cannot be as powerful as todays mid-range processors.

Test camera and video recording capabilities

A smartphone with a rear camera of 12 MP or higher is what you should choose. If you see a spec sheet that mentions features like phase-detection autofocus or optical image stabilization, it will be a smartphone worth buying. 

Test camera and video recording capabilities

Camera and video recording capabilities should also be considered when choosing to buy mid-range smartphones

With the front camera, to ensure the quality of selfies, you should choose a minimum of 5 MP. If you want to record video, you should pay attention to the recording modes available on the machine. Of course, this  old phone buying guide  will just cover the external features without mentioning the technical knowledge inside. Usually many smartphones have been repaired, but the features are still active at the time of testing. You need to consider the factors before choosing to buy ... Tips to buy old phone,  especially camera feature is extremely important.

Fast charging, fingerprint sensor

If in the past, the fast charging features or the fingerprint sensor were only integrated on high-end smartphones, now these features have appeared on mid-range smartphones. Smartphones priced at 6 million dong or more are definitely equipped with these outstanding features.

Fast charging, fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensor and fast charging are outstanding features that have been integrated in mid-range smartphones

The fingerprint sensor is an extremely useful feature in security and makes unlocking the device faster. In addition, fast charging technology is probably the feature that users love the most. Mid-range smartphones from Samsung , OPPO , Vivo, ... are all equipped with this feature.

So, to have  tips on buying old phones, experience is to read the seller reviews hard as well as look for the sellers information before deciding to buy. Wish you can buy an old phone like that.