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7 most popular Internet speed test applications today

Every cafe has wifi, everywhere has 4G ... As the 4.0 trend develops, smartphone users above all need a tool to check the internet speed accurately and effectively. Along with Viettel Store, we have reviewed 7 absolute internet speed test applications that should not be missed.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Install Facebook Messenger version to protect eyes and save battery when using at night

Wishing to bring the best user experience, Facebook recently tested a black version of Facebook Messenger that saves battery life and protects eyes when used at night. So how to install Facebook Messenger eye protection version to try it out? Follow the steps below.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How to copyright videos on Youtube you should know

Copyrighting your videos by setting content ID is the most effective method for YouTubers. Here's how to create copyright for a simple Youtube video for your reference

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

The trick to delete all unread emails is simple and fast

Quite a lot of unread messages in gmail make you uncomfortable, and want to "clean" for a large space. Here is the extremely easy trick to delete all unread emails.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114