Safety Tips

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Safety Tips

Change to a new phone if your phone is experiencing one of these symptoms

Normally, a smartphone can be used from morning to night at moderate intensity without charging. If you use at normal level and the battery is only until noon or past noon, that is one of the signs that should change the phone.

31-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Some battery saving tips to know before going out

Tips to save battery power need to know before going out The biggest problem with smartphones these days is the battery life. Some of the following battery saving tips will help you avoid the inconveniences that the device brings. The travel experience will be more enjoyable than ever when your phone is protected from power down.

29-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

The way to fix your connection error is not a private connection while "surfing" the web

A common mistake when accessing websites with security protocols Sometimes when you visit or, you will see the message "Your connection is not private"

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Instructions on how to clean phone simple bacteria at home

Mobile phone is an indispensable communication device in today's life. But not everyone knows how to clean the phone so that it is clean to avoid the risk of spreading the disease to the owner. That's why today Viettel Store would like to send you a few notes and cleaning operations on the phone, let's do it right away!

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

ways to save phone battery (iOS and Android) is extremely useful

iOS and Android are still the two most popular operating systems in the world today with a huge number of users, most of whom want to optimize the battery life of these two operating systems. How to save battery power on iOS and Android although there are many but not specific. Along with us review the ways to save battery on iOS and Android in this article.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

5 ways to protect your eyes when using the phone in low light environments

Do you often use your phone at night before bed? So, below 5 ways to protect eyes when using the phone at night will help you.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114